Mission Statement


Afrogarm is an African inspired fashion oriented marketplace founded by (Omotoyosi Osikoya) Known by "Shinor Spellz"  to innovate in the African fashion industry. Created in December 2019, three main reasons inspired us:

Accessibility for younger people, Innovation in presentation and Brand awareness for talented creatives:
Accessibility of trusted quality African fashion has been a problem for young people who are interested in African fashion as there’s an argument that African fashion is targeted at the adults in their 40s and above. This is true for most parts but also, there’s an emerging market of young Africans in the diaspora and beyond who love African fashion and will do anything to get their hands on quality prints, in a timely fashion, with a trusted handler and with a service provider who provides great customer services plus user experiences.

Afrogarm is made up of a team of young people in our 20’s and starting a business like this, young, gives us different kinds of insights to how African businesses are perceived; how they thrive around the world and we take notes everyday.

We currently support over 120 vendors on our marketplace with over 3000 products and we are growing. Our hope is to create a world where African fashion isn’t ‘just’ “tolerated” but also respected, popular and known for quality and luxury.

We have great plans for the future of Afrogarm as we are constantly inspired to push ourselves to be better so that we can serve our customers and vendors too.

We currently also serve as a hotspots for universities, celebrities and events and we sponsor and are partnered with many prestige institutions like Cambridge university, Louborough University, Xzenda Fashion, and even some charities.

One of our long term goals is also to create a community for all our partners and charities so that people can access important tools of empowerment, education, advice and general information.

Our future looks exciting and it takes a lot of work, but we are determined and motivated. We hope you can be able to join us on our journey to changing the narrative of African fashion. See you in the future!

So simply put,
 "Our aim at Afrogarm is to create a prestige platform that helps to translate, showcase and empower African fashion and its creative designers worldwide. Although Afrogarm is African inspired, our target audience is a diversified one that includes every gender, age and ethnicity." - Creator, Afrogarm

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