The Afrogarm Project or TAP for short is a charity organisation created by the Afrogarm team and inspired by our founder. Simply put, we want to give back. Our goal is to create a hive where people who feel like they have a bit of surplus resources can all come together and help 'undocumented immigrants' , 'homeless' Africans and black people in the Diaspora.

We want to be able to locate, feed (cooking in bulk), provide temporary shelter, clothes, educate, counsel, perhaps, get citizens advice for people who dont know how to find their way in the western world and/or have no support. 

We also want to focus on homeless people in the diaspora who have no means to provide (sufficient) shelter for themselves. Homelessness can be tough and a lot of people underestimate how far our 'leftovers' can go in changing a person's life (mindset or stiuation). We should all take pride in supporting such a notion. 

We're still in our building phase but this is our idea for the future. We also invite you all to get involved if you feel as though you identify with this mission. Everyone is welcome. You can get involved by simply getting in contact with us here or on social media . Our generation will change the world. Peace.  

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