Reward points


AG points is a rewards system set in place for users to accumulate points whilst shopping with us. Get REWARDED for shopping and 'window shopping' things you love and whilst Interracting with our marketplace. We've made available to you the best and easiest options to earn points from below.


You can earn AGP (Afrogarm Points)  by taking one of these actions:

PURCHASE - You will be rewarded a whopping 150AGP

REVIEWS - Reviews help other customers shop better by providing customers a firsthand experience from another customer. This helps our new and prospective customers make the right selections when shopping. Reviews will earn each user up to 50AGP but double if user is a returning customer. 

FOLLOW VENDOR: This is a great way to connect, give opinions and interract with brands we love and earn points while doing it. Following vendors will earn each user up to 10AGP


The maximum you can trade in at a time is 900AGP.

900AGP will earn you 15% discount any sale

600AGP will earn you 10% discount. 

300AGP will earn you 5% discount.

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